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Capgemini Interview Experience

Hi Readers, Here is my Capgemini Interview Experience:At first, there will be a screening test, it is very easy, it will be of 4 sectionsHey geek! It’s time to become a success story instead of reading them. Check out our most renowned DSA Self Paced Course, now at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. And if you are looking for a more complete interview preparation resource, check out Complete Interview Preparation Course that will prepare you for the SDE role of your dreams!Feeling prepared enough for your interview? Test your skills with our Test Series that will help you prepare for top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, TCS, Wipro, Google and many more!the point to be noted is that if you clear the 1st section only  the 2nd section will open if not the exam will be terminatedit is a Web-based camera monitoring test so be CarefulSection 1  – PseudocodeSection 2 – English Communication testsection 3 – game based aptitudeSection 4 – Behaviour competencyIf you clear the online screening test then based on your marks you will be shortlisted either to direct HR or technical interviewI got a direct HR callIn my interview, the first question asked is “tell me about your self” after that few questions regarding my final project was asked No technical questions were askedAfter that an situational intelligence question was asked,“If you were in a train sitting opposite to a stranger how will you develop a conversation”After I answered that he again asked “if he was not Intrested then how will you respond”After that formal questions were asked like will you join Capgemini if offered and will you travel etc.After 1 Month results were announced