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Finastra Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer

It was an on-campus opportunity (Intern+fulltime)  for an Associate Software Engineer role.It consisted of three rounds and all were elimination rounds:-Hey geek! It’s time to become a success story instead of reading them. Check out our most renowned DSA Self Paced Course, now at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. And if you are looking for a more complete interview preparation resource, check out Complete Interview Preparation Course that will prepare you for the SDE role of your dreams!Feeling prepared enough for your interview? Test your skills with our Test Series that will help you prepare for top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, TCS, Wipro, Google and many more!Round 1: The first round consisted of Aptitude questions it was a CCAT test. It consisted of 50 questions and 20min was the allotted time if you solve around 40 questions correctly chances of getting shortlisted for further rounds are high.Round 2: Second round is the technical interview where a lot of questions are asked from JAVA particularly OOPS concepts and I was asked to code a program where all OOPs concepts are implemented. Exceptional handling, Abstraction, Inheritance were asked. MYSQL queries were asked too, I was also asked to code the merge function of merge sort and was asked to derive the time complexity of merge sort and also reverse function for string reverse. I was also asked to explain my projects and also many behavioral questions, situational-based questions & HR questions.Round 3: Last round was the Group HR round where 13 candidates were present and each one of us was interviewed separately and was asked all the hr questions like:-Where do you see yourself 5-10 yrs from now?What do you know about finastra?Questions on my strength and weakness?What if you are not selected for this position?Why should we hire you?Also many situational-based questions.Verdict: SelectedTip: Be confident about your skillset and also have a good grasp on your JAVA and DSA skills.