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Geek Week 2021 – The Biggest Festival For Programmers

The month of October is here, and as usual, it brings us the vibes of festivals, enjoyment, and lots of fun!  And…to make it more exciting and rewarding, GeeksforGeeks is coming up with the much-awaited ‘Geek Week’ for all the tech enthusiasts out there. Yes, you heard that right! Here we bring back one of your most-loved events with even more sizzlers added to it – Geek Week 2021! Truly, Geek Week over the years has emerged as one of the biggest festivals for programmers! And this time, we got to know that you wished to have some ultimate fun along with the learning endeavors. So, we decided to fulfill this wish of yours. Want to win some exciting prizes? Get your hands on amazing discounts? or Want to stand a chance to receive exciting goodies. Well, no matter the question. We got all such opportunities locked for you.Wondering what new surprises we brought you this time? Well, to know more just keep reading buddy.What is this Geek Week 2021?For those who don’t know, Geek Week 2021 is a 7-day event that will take place from 19th October 2021 to 25th October 2021. It will be a combination of massive events where there will be amazing rewards, unbelievable discounts and of course a lot of fun! What makes it a great deal is the fact that there’s a lot to unlock from this event, in terms of learning, creativity, and numerous opportunities.And all that we’re asking from you is, ‘Not to miss this chance of brushing up your skills and showcasing your exceptional talent!’Here are the details of the events that are going to take place under the umbrella of Geek Week 2021:(A) Geek Arena – A blend of events more perfect than this doesn’t exist! There are hiring challenges, programming quizzes, fun games & much more. Geek arena comprises a total of 6 events, which are listed below:What if… A hiring challenge for product designers that says ‘What if we ask you to design our course listing page and your remarkable designs got us to hire you?’ Yes, you heard that right! All you have to do is design any of our course listing pages and send them to us. Just make sure to design your best! As the best designs will be shortlisted and the best designer will get hired. What’s your Geeky Language? Quiz: Working with programming languages day in & day out, have you ever wondered if you were a programming language which one you would be?As fierce as Python or as cool as Ruby? As steaming as Java or as peaceful as C? Well, let’s find out your programming personality with this quiz! Merge It Up: You’ve got 7 days and you’ve to write 7 codes. Merge them up & bring out the space for great codes to come! Looks easy? Well, see you at the contest buddy!  Unlock edgy techniques, practice different methods and stand a chance to win exciting prizes!   Wheel of Fate: A virtual wheel that spins to bring you the surprises that your fate has in store for you. Well, here you get amazing discounts, prizes, and much more, spinning at your fingertips. So, go ahead and check what it has for you. The Idea Summit: Got ideas buzzing inside your head? It’s time to share them with the world & bring them to reality. Just let us be the one to guide you throughout. Time Vs Mentor: Join us on Youtube and see what happens when a Mentor clashes with a real-world coding problem in the shortest possible time! Get to learn different tips & tricks that will help you throughout your coding journey.(B) Learners Corner: An all-in-one platform for our tech enthusiasts who prefer learning over everything! Here you find your favorite courses with supreme discounts. Find the featured contests listed below:Guess & Win: How well do you know us? Yes! This game is about testing your knowledge about our courses. Tell us, the last digit of the course’s price and boom! The course is all yours. Happy Hour: An hour dedicated just to bring a smile to your face. Get your hands on these amazing deals each day that flash up at a special hour. Course of the Day: With each day there comes a new surprise that’s the motive of ‘Course of the Day’. Find daily amazing offers on the courses that You fancy!(C) Job-a-thon: It’s time to skip the job hunting process with us. Here are plenty of job opportunities waiting just for you. Grab them as fast as possible!(D) Super Savers for Super Learners: Here is a choice between 8 bundles of courses. Yes, you got that right. Bundles of amazing courses packed together & loaded with valuable goodies. Shipped just for you! Have a look at these bundles that we curated at a discounted price for you:Interview Preparation Pack: This bundle includes the Complete Interview Preparation and Must Do Coding Questions course along with the SDE Test Series.  GATE Preparation Pack: This bundle is specifically curated for our GATE CS aspirants. It includes all our GATE courses and GATE-CS Test Series 2022.LIVE Courses Pack:  All our LIVE courses will be available in specially curated bundles for you! Set your reminders for 19th October because it is going to be one fantastic week!(E) Are you the chosen one?– If you’re someone who always comes across with valid reasons. Then, definitely, this contest is what you’re looking for. Choose any of our courses and briefly describe your reasons for ‘Why you want that particular course?’. Post your description on LinkedIn & be the person with the most valid reasons to take away a course with a 100% cashback guarantee.(F) Error 404: Code Not Found: A coding competition to bring out the intense programmer in you! Join and test your coding skills with us.Geek Week is all about enhancing your programming skills with as much fun as possible. So, are you excited about this surprising 7-day Geek Week journey? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Postpone all your programs for Geek Week 2021 and get ready to participate in the biggest programming festival!!Waiting for you 🙂