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There were three interview rounds as follows:Round 1(50-60 min): First-round was a basic coding round where I was asked about some database-related questions and some data structure and also questions(mix of easy and medium level leetcode questions). I am attaching some links below for reference.Hey geek! It’s time to become a success story instead of reading them. Check out our most renowned DSA Self Paced Course, now at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. And if you are looking for a more complete interview preparation resource, check out Complete Interview Preparation Course that will prepare you for the SDE role of your dreams!Feeling prepared enough for your interview? Test your skills with our Test Series that will help you prepare for top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, TCS, Wipro, Google and many more!https://leetcode.com/problems/combination-sum/https://leetcode.com/problems/trapping-rain-water/I was also asked some oops and os related questions.Round 2(60-70 min): The second round was also a coding round. In the first question, The interviewer first asked my approach and then he asked me to code the question in an IDE. It took approximately 30 mins to solve and discuss this question completely.Since there was time left the interviewer asked me one more question that I solved in approximately 20 mins.There was also a discussion about my past projects and experience.Round 3(HR Round): The third round was not a coding round but was just a catch-up call to discuss the salary and the joining date.I was also asked some questions from HR like how I could contribute more to the company.RESULT – SELECTEDThe whole interview process was quite smooth and the interviewers were very kind and helpful. It was a great experience overall.